Friday, August 31, 2007


Welcome to my exciting and new review blog! I decided I wanted a separate blog from my personal one to dedicate solely to the popular reviews and giveaways I've been doing.

Thus, So a Blonde Walks Into a Review was born!

I want to offer a HUGE thank you to my site designer Mia from The Blog Cafe for the awesome job she did on the template and installation. She really, really went above and beyond for me.

Take a look at the cute button she designed for me at the bottom of my sidebar, and go ahead and steal it for your blog if you'd like. I'll love you forever if you do! *grin*

If you need help coding it so that it links to my blog, just email me here.

Thank you, Mia, for all you've done! (And how cute is her own template, btw?) If you need a site design, I cannot say enough good things about Mia. I HIGHLY recommend her, so head on over to her site and let her know I sent you.

Keep an eye out for many fun contests and giveaways.....coming very soon! Thanks for visiting!
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