Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Responsibility Project

If there's one value that my younger two kids could use some work on, it would definitely be personal responsibility. While my oldest has always been independent and driven, my younger two have always needed an extra push to get their chores done, finish their school work, etc.

Now there is a wonderful resource to help parents in their drive to teach personal responsibility to their children. Liberty Mutual has created "The Responsibility Project" - a resource that can help parents talk with their kids about personal responsibility in a meaningful way.

Do you remember Liberty Mutual's recent commercials that were based on a "pay-it-forward" theme? In the commercials, people are inspired to commit random acts of kindness after watching others do the same.

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to those commercials, Liberty Mutual created a website devoted to promoting this important message. The site includes resources such as short films, discussion guides, and a blog to help families teach and talk about personal responsibility.

Here are a few of the short films you'll find on the site:
  • ~The Lighthouse: In this animated short, a community comes together to help an elderly lighthouse keeper when he accidentally shatters the beacon as a ship approaches land. This film is appropriate for kids as young as age 4.
  • ~The New Boy: A tough move to a new country gets a little easier when boys who start out as enemies come together over a shared moment of laughter. Elementary-aged kids will especially appreciate this short film.
  • ~Father's Day: Despite past differences, a mother reconnects with her estranged father for the sake of her daughter. Directed toward an older audience, this film is best for middle school students.

My favorite short was "Hot Seat." Kids and adults alike will really appreciate this one, in my opinion, and I was even giggling along myself as I watched. It's an animated film that takes place in an office and when you watch it, I'm sure you'll be nodding your head like I did, knowing we're all guilty of doing this very thing.

Over at the blog, you'll find hot topics such as teachers being allowed to bring concealed weapons into the classroom (really!) and whether or not it should be legal to leave our laundry out to dry.

And finally, be sure to check out the wealth of resources available at the site to help you spread the responsibility message. There's even a discussion guide to accompany the "Hot Seat" short, which has some very interesting, thought-provoking questions to ask your kids.

Now I'm off to teach some personal responsibility to my children!


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