Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh No You Didn't!

Care.com, which helps you find a caregiver for almost any area in your life (childcare, pet care, special needs and more), has teamed up with the influential moms' network TwitterMoms for a fun "Oh No You Didn't!" contest.

I thought I'd join in the fun and share with you the rudest comment I've ever received regarding my parenting. I'd like to say that it came from a stranger, but it actually came from a family member (who shall remain nameless).

My husband and I were both super skinny as kids and grew much higher than we did wide. We passed those genes along to our kids and no matter how much they eat, their super-fast metabolism conquers any calories that might want to add a little meat to their bones.

There is one family member who operates under the assumption that all things can be solved with food. My youngest has a chronic illness that she believes can be solved with...wait for it....milk.

But the rudest comment was one made to my face when discussing my pre-teen son who is growing like a weed. He's always been extremely skinny and he eats non-stop, right up until bedtime. We never keep him from eating when he wants because we want him to get as many calories in as possible (but they always seem to disappear).

This relative actually looked me in the eye when discussing his weight and said to me, "Maybe if you put something like Cheerios and bananas out on the table, he might pick at it and get a little more food into his system."

Pick at it? My son can woof down an entire box of Little Debbie cakes in one sitting! Feeding him and getting him to eat is not an issue.

I've learned the best way to handle such comments, though, is to nod and smile nicely because no matter what I say, it will not change this person's mind. So it's not worth the hassle.

I think the next time my child spends the night at this relative's house, though, I should send him with 10 cases of those Little Debbie snacks. I bet they'd be gone after one weekend. Something tells me that still won't stop the "please don't starve your children" type comments, though.

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Maureen said...

Very good. My kids were horribly skinny and tiny when they were younger. Now they are healthy and in great shape. I let them eat as they were hungry as well. Made sure there was only healthy stuff to eat in the house and bingo ! it got eaten. My daughter was on an apple "kick" when she was in high school. She is a size 0 and it was not unusual for her to go through a bag of apples every four days. Thank goodness apples were cheap!

BlondeBlogger said...

That's one thing my kids love....fruit. But I let them eat fattening things too to try to up their calories. Our pediatrician, who usually recommends skim milk, even agreed we should stick to whole for them.

So glad to hear your kids are doing well! :)

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