Monday, March 23, 2009

Listerine Total Care - 6 Benefits in One

I am a stickler when it comes to dental hygiene. I brush and floss regularly and make sure I get in my dental check-ups every six months. But even with all of that, I often overlook one important part of oral health care: mouthwash.

To help me break into the habits of total oral health, and to make me a complete mouthwash convert, Mom Central teamed with Listerine and sent me a bottle of LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, to review:

I have to be honest. They had me at purple. It's my favorite color so I was drawn to the bottle right away (and the flavor is mint, which I also love).

But the benefits are what really caught my eye. Consider that LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, is the only fluoride mouthwash that contains six benefits in one:
  • Helping to prevent cavities
  • Restoring enamel
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Killing bad breath germs
  • Freshening breath
  • Fighting unsightly plaque above the gum line

I sheepishly admit that I once had an addiction to Jolly Rancher candies. But when I noticed that the enamel on my teeth seemed more rough after eating them...even after brushing my teeth...I put an end to my addiction once and for all. However, those rough areas remained (they weren't cavities fortunately).

I can honestly say that with just a few uses of LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, that the enamel on my teeth feels so smooth once again.

Mom Central and Listerine accomplished their goal. I am now a definite convert!

LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE is intended for adults and children ages 12 and older and can be purchased at all food, drug and mass merchandise outlets. Click here to learn more and to save $2 on LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash. And check out their commercial right here:


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