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Rock Out with Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for Nintendo DS

My kids and I have long been fans of Guitar Hero for PlayStation so we were thrilled to find out that we could now enjoy the game on our Nintendo DS systems.

Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for Nintendo DS is a follow-up to the On Tour and Decades games previously released. The games are SO much fun and very addictive. There are three different versions to choose from: Guitar Hero on Tour, Guitar Hero on Tour- Modern Hits, and Guitar Hero on Tour - Decades.

Thanks to Mom Central, we were able to review the Modern Hits and Decades games. And we love them so much, I'm planning on purchasing the third game, Guitar Hero on Tour. I really, really love the songs available on that one..."Spiderwebs" by No Doubt, Rick Springfield's "Jesse's Girl," and they even have an old song my husband dedicated to me when we were first dating more than twenty years ago- "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You can view the set list for all three games here, but I'll give you my favorites from Decades and Modern Hits.


~"One Way or Another" by Blondie
~"CrushCrushCrush" by Paramore
~"Any Way You Want It" by Journey
~"We Are the Champions" by Queen

Modern Hits
~"Sweet Sacrifice" by Evanescence
~"Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven
~"Where Are We Runnin'" by Lenny Kravitz

Each game includes 28 songs in all, and they're radio-edits so you don't have to worry about exposing your kids to mature lyrics.

I was worried that it might be difficult to play Guitar Hero on a Nintendo DS console, but the creators really knew what they were doing when they designed these games. There is a strap that attaches to the DS with four, colored keys to press in accordance with the notes shown on the DS screen and I had no difficulty getting used to it, and neither did my kids.

There are stickers for players to personalize their "guitar" and a guitar pick stylist to "strum" with. You can also play with your regular Nintendo DS stylus if you prefer.

You can choose your band name, guitarist, outfit and guitar. As you earn cash at each of the five all-new venues you tour at, you can go into a shop to purchase more guitars and clothing.

My kids love to play every chance they get, but especially in the car. Portability is the biggest advantage of playing the games on a Nintendo.

The most excitement for my kids, though, comes from the multiplayer, head-to-head mode (requires two games and two Nintendo DS consoles). Here they are battling out to "Unconditional" by The Bravery:

The wireless feature not only allows mutliplayer modes, but it also allows for song streaming.

Other key features:

~Choose your path to stardom – For the first time ever, players can choose how they take their band from the underground music scene to worldwide rock stardom with the exciting non-linear gameplay progression in Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits.

~Do it for the fans – Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits delivers an all-new gameplay experience with Fan Requests. By completing Fan Requests players build their fan base and open up new challenges to rock-out like never before including jamming to an entire song in Hyperspeed, battling it out in a Guitar Duel with active Bomb Notes or whammying every single hold note in a song.

~Rock out anytime, anywhere – Fans can take the Guitar Hero experience wherever they go with Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits. The Guitar Hero™ Guitar Grip™ mimics a guitar fret board and fits seamlessly in people’s hands to deliver the same core gameplay that defines Guitar Hero.

~The party never stops – Song streaming features allow players of Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and its predecessors, Guitar Hero: On Tour and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, to share songs via local wireless connectivity. Players can rock out together in multiplayer modes, jamming to tracks from all three versions of the game.

Guitar Hero On Tour retails for $49.99 and is rated “E 10+” (Everyone 10 and older – Lyrics). Be sure to visit for more information and enter to win all three Guitar Hero On Tour games!


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whall said...

I'm a huge Guitar Hero fan on PS2 and Wii, and my daughter bought this for the DS, but I haven't played it yet. I'm wondering if I should try it out, but I'm thinking it would be good when away from home (ie, away from wii and ps2)

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