Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your Voice Needed to Save Animals

IMPORTANT UPDATE/CORRECTION! I just received word from Kendra that Casey was actually rescued 5 minutes before he was to be put down!!!!!! (she had not been aware of this until just now) I cannot express enough to you how much joy this brings me!! But please remember the other dogs out there that aren't as fortunate as Casey when you read this post and please speak up for them. Thank you!

A few weeks ago, I found out about a sweet dog by the name of Casey who was in need of being rescued:

Lukas and Kendra Jade Rossi had been working hard to get the word out about Casey (Kendra made the video above for him), and many others joined in, including myself. Pleas were made via Twitter, Facebook and other networks, and the Rossis even offered to cover Casey's adoption costs.

Unfortunately, no one came forward and Casey was put down (see update/correction above...Casey was actually rescued 5 minutes before being put down). I was so devastated that I vowed to do whatever I could to help keep this from happening to other dogs like him. No animal that happy, young and loving should have to be put down. It shouldn't have to happen to any animal...period.

Kendra and Lukas run a wonderful group called Rock Star Rescue and have gone above and beyond in trying to save these precious animals.

If that photo above cuts to your heart as much as it does mine, there is something you can do. Right now, there is a critical protest being planned for Saturday, November 21 in Los Angeles to demand a progressive, no-kill general manager for the city. The picket is being organized by Animal Defense League-Los Angeles, but you do NOT need to be a member to join in.

Here is what Kendra wanted to share with all of you about this important mission:
"The general manager of LA Services has big shoes to fill after Ed Boks, who created new relationships with the rescue organizations of Los Angeles. The new manager of LA Animal Services needs to maintain and improve those relationships in order to truly create a no-kill LA.

The city can't do it alone and should utilize those of us that are willing and able to help.

Thousands of happy, beautiful, healthy dogs and cats and even moms and babies die unneccesarily every week in the Los Angeles shelters every month because of lack of cooperation and education.

I believe that every living animal should have the right to live. And if we do not take care of them, and fight for them, who will?

We have a voice, we need to make it heard."

I couldn't agree more. If you'd like to make YOUR voice heard, visit (second post down), and/or email for more information. Be sure to visit Rock Star Rescue as well for other ways you can help if you're not in the Los Angeles area.

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