Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Acts of Zhu

"It's better to give than to receive." It may be cliche, but I couldn't agree more! And thanks to ZhuZhu Pets, I was able to do just that through an amazing charity program called "Random Acts of Zhu."

Dozens and dozens of ZhuZhu Pets, the number one toy of 2010, arrived at my door for me to donate to the charities of my choice (those are just a small portion in the photo above). My fiance and I took our daughters to our local police and fire departments to personally donate the toys and the remaining ones went to a local prison ministry. We donated more than 100 ZhuZhu Pets in total!

Here we are with the Leesburg Fire Department:

Think about how frightening a car accident, fire or other emergency can be for a child. Being able to give them a toy can be a valuable distraction, and that's why we chose the Leesburg Fire Department as one of the charities. (Many thanks to DJ and Jim for being so accommodating to us!)

Here we are with the Leesburg Police Department:

The Leesburg Police Department has several community outreach programs, including Recreation Outreach to Community Kids (R.O.C.K.) which is a free service that provides positive recreation and leisure activities to area youth through after school and summer programs.

We loved the sound of such a program, especially after learning that it's proven to reduce crime in our community so we requested that the ZhuZhu Pets be used for R.O.C.K. We also encouraged the use of the toys for any other needs that may arise in the department such as emergency/domestic calls. (Thank you to Officer Tidmore and the volunteers with the Law Enforcement Explorer Post 1041 for being so wonderful to us during our visit!)

The local prison ministry received the remaining ZhuZhu Pets after a request went out for toys for children of prisoners. We were so happy to be able to respond to the request and help in giving these children a happy Christmas!

ZhuZhu Pets was also kind enough to provide me with their new line of Kung Zhu Pets and accessories for review so stay tuned for a post about these fun toys soon!

And remember...your local charities need help year-round, so please do all you can to support them today and every day!

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