Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview with HGTV's Star of Design David Bromstad

An all-new season of HGTV's Design Star premiers on Monday, July 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and design guru David Bromstad will mentor the show's finalists as they compete for a chance to win their own show on HGTV. Bromstad was the winner of the first season of Design Star and now hosts his own show, Color Splash. He also appears in the new series HGTV'D.

Check out this sneak-peek from the new season of Design Star:

I already have my DVR programmed to record the show and can't wait for the first episode! I had the privilege of participating in a conference call with Bromstad and I can tell you that he exudes the same energy and friendliness off-screen as he does on. He was an absolute delight to speak to and he gave me some personal tips for making my temporary living space feel like home.

Here's a transcript of our conversation:

Blonde Blogger: "I have moved from a home into a rental townhome, and I’m finding it challenging to make it feel like a home—with such a smaller space, not being able to paint. I’m wondering what your advice...would be to someone like me who wants to make it feel like home."

Bromstad: "Well, I’m probably going to give horrible advice right now because I’m sure everyone out there is going to be like, what? But, I think in every lease, every rental agreement that I was in before I bought my place, it always says don’t paint, but I always did. It was the first thing I did before I even moved in just because that is one way that you can just put your stamp on it and make it feel cozy. And all they want to do is have it look nice and have it be painted white when you leave.

"So, if you’re willing to paint it white when you leave, that’s just fine. So, I was always willing and you know what? Every time that I did paint it, the landlord would come in and would be like, 'You’re not supposed to paint, but it looks really great.' And I’m like, 'well do you want me to paint it back?' And they’re like, 'no.'"

Blonde Blogger: "Yes. That’s what I was thinking too..."

Bromstad: "And if you don’t want to take the time to paint, just bringing in personal effects and just hang things on the wall—hang pieces of art, hang mirrors, make sure that it looks lived in.

"My house, honestly, is all white...and it’s very comfortable and it’s very cozy, and I’ve done a lot of homes that are all white with all white walls. You can still make it look sheik and still make it look amazing. Don’t let the white walls fool you."

Blonde Blogger: "So would you say that paint though, is the most important?"

Bromstad: "Yes. I think it’s the easiest and the fastest and the cheapest way to transform your house for sure."

Great advice, wouldn't you say?

Tune into the new season of Design Star on July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT to watch Bromstad in action as he uses his talent and energy to mentor contestants and give them the guidance he wishes he had when he was a contestant himself. You can check out the show's page here for more information.

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