Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gloves In A Bottle - Review and Giveaway

Now that cold weather is here, my hands would normally be taking a beating. I have such dry, sensitive skin year-round, but winter is the worst for me.

Gloves In A Bottle is an excellent solution for such problem skin, though. It's different from moisturizers in that it is a skin shielding lotion. It keeps moisture in and damaging, harsh irritants (like cold air) out.

It feels quite silky after application and once you keep applying it regularly, you need it less and less often. My hands have been so much more healthy since I started using it and so far, the harsh cold air has yet to affect my hands.

Want to win a bottle of this innovative product? Just head on over to the Holiday Scavenger Bloghunt Party and enter away! Gloves in a Bottle is one of many fabulous prizes up for grabs. But hurry! The deadline to enter is December 9th!


Qtpies7 said...

See, now I'm torn! I don't know which I'd rather win if I won from you! I could really, really used the Hanes, but I have wanted to try Gloves in a Bottle, and now we need it. One of my daughters does dishwashing at a restaurant and it is leaving her hands a mess, and my other daughter is allergic to dishsoap, we recently found out, and I have no intention of letting her out of doing dishes!

BlondeBlogger said...

LOL! You sound like me!

You should definitely have them try this then. It's supposed to help protect your skin from allergens as well (I'm not allergic to anything so I couldn't test that part of it out).

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