Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Yoplait Kids Yogurt

My kids love yummy food. But adorably packaged food? Double the pleasure. For me, I like cute, yummy AND healthy combined, which I found in Yoplait's new yogurt line for little ones, Yoplait Kids.

With characters such as Dora, Diego, Blue and The Backyardigans, the packages are eye-catching and entertaining. The real treat lies inside, where kids will find delicious, smooth and healthy yogurt in flavors such as strawberry banana (Natalie's favorite), peach, strawberry vanilla, mixed berry and more.

Some of the benefits of Yoplait Kids yogurt include:

  • Smooth texture which is safer for little ones. No chunks = no choking hazard.

  • "Spoon hugging texture" makes for less messy eating.

  • The drinkable yogurt comes in small bottles for little hands with a design that's easy to grasp.

  • 25% less sugar than other leading yogurt brands.

  • DHA for healthy brain development.

Choose from packages of smooth, spoonable yogurt in a cup, or drinkable yogurt in a bottle.

Right now, Yoplait is offering a free coupon (click on the "free coupon icon" on the page) so your kids can discover this delicious treat for themselves. Hurry on over and get yours today!

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