Friday, February 8, 2008

Zazou - European Flair for Kids

I was given the opportunity to review a product from Zazou, a chic European boutique for children.

They sent me an oh-so-comfy and VERY stylish shirt from their Most Wanted Shirt line for Natalie:

Natalie LOVES this shirt! And she loves bragging to her friends that it "came from a boutique in Europe." :)

As you can see, the shirt appropriately says, "Sister." The material is soooo soft, and it looks as good as it feels. Rather than just an ordinary t-shirt, the sleeves are made to look "inside out" with a sort of reversal of the inside seam. It's totally adorable!

In fact, Zazou specializes in "kids' fashion with a twist." Check out this ultra-retro, vintage 70's, leather scrap skirt:

Don't you just love the colors?

New summer merchandise is coming out in March, and according to Zazou, it's going to be hot! And that means that you have the chance now to get ultra-savings on their winter line! Prices are being lowered up to 50%! (The "Sister" shirt is one of the sale items, so snatch it up while you can!)

Here's another skirt I love from their Petit Louie line, marked down from its original price:

Zazou offers a no-fuss return policy. If you're not completely satisfied, you can return your purchase for a full refund. You can't beat that!

Check out their blog while you're at it, too, and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter so you don't miss out on any good deals!


ShakeRattleandRoll said...

Those clothes are so cute! I found some childrens' shoes that would also look great for little kids. Have you ever heard of Rileyroos? They have shoes in styles for 3 month olds to 24 month olds and they have great soles that don't let them fall on slippery surfaces. So stylish too!

Anonymous said...

These clothes are pretty good. I like the skirts the best! If you are looking to have some tees to go with them take a look at

The yellow coloured t-shirt with the face of a monkey on it is something that I found matching my personality. I simply loved it!

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