Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breathe Green With AccuClean

With all of the attention on living green these days, one thing that tends to get overlooked is the air we breathe in our own homes. Did you know that indoor air is four to five times more polluted than outdoor air? And all of those indoor allergens can aggravate conditions like asthma, which my kids have, so clean air is very important to our family.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning's AccuClean™ whole home air filtration system is by far the best system on the market for reducing indoor air pollution. It attaches to your existing furnace or air handler, so there is no need for major work on install. Once installed, AccuClean™ removes allergens from the air in every room of the house.

Unlike other systems, AccuClean™ removes 99.98% of allergens as well as 99% of the common flu virus. Allergens like mold, dust mites, pollen, even pet hair and animal dander, are filtered before they can land on your rugs, floors and upholstery. The system also removes odors as the majority of irritating particles like cooking grease, even smoke from burnt food, can be removed from the air. Standard 1" throwaway filters and ionic-type room appliances cannot come close to comparing to that!

For two years, Hannah Keeley (consulting principal of Mom Central's and founder of, has been working closely with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning and has talked with moms about the difference AccuClean™ makes. Here is what Hannah had to say about AccuClean:
"Keeping the dirt and dust out of your house is easier said than done, and cleaning every day is simply not an option for today's busy families. AccuClean prevents unwanted dust and dander from continually circulating in your home, ensuring the indoor air your family breathes is cleaner and healthier."

To learn more about AccuClean™ and to read more of Hannah's tips, click here.

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