Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poised for Triumph

I've blogged before about my many problems with bladder control. If my daughter and I are out somewhere, it's bound to happen because she always makes me laugh so hard.

But even though one in four moms suffer from light bladder leakage, it's still considered a taboo topic. Recent research found that 80% of women who suffer from light bladder leakage are hesitant to talk to their peers about this sensitive issue for fear of embarrassment.

Kimberly-Clark's Poise brand has teamed with the Women's Health Foundation (WHF) to help break the silence on this important topic and to create awareness.

The Foundation held a "Below the Belt" benefit for the cause. At the event, Poise presented the first-ever Passion Award to Linda Michael of Portage, Indiana whose courage and willingness to share her story of triumph over pelvic pain and bladder control issues has been an inspiration to women and doctors alike. Because she has spoken out, others feel more comfortable to share their stories as well.

Click here for Linda's Story.

(Passion Award Recipient Linda Michael with the Indigo Girls)

Head over to Poise to learn more about this important topic, enter two different sweepstakes (including a Dream Destination Shopping Trip!), and sign up for valuable coupon offers.

Then go spread the word and help break the silence on this issue by talking among your friends!

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