Sunday, November 2, 2008

Enter the Magical World of Bella Sara

My little girl absolutely loves horses, as most young girls do. She loves to play with and read about horses and luckily for us we live in what's considered "horse country."

Now, there's also a virtual world of horses that my daughter can visit. Bella Sara is a safe, happy, and friendly place for horse lovers ages 5 and up.

Most exciting is the news that Bella Sara now has a new baby, Baby Bella! To celebrate, there is a line of Baby Bella trading cards to enhance the joy of this whimsical world. In addition to the traditional trading cards, there are now cards featuring all of the brand-new babies!

And, on November 6th, the website is kicking off a 10-day celebration where kids can qualify for daily prizes. They can also some of the babies’ birth certificates, read stories and get access to special codes (codes to unlock the virtual world of Bella Sara can also be found on the trading cards).

My Natalie has had so much fun with her cards and with the website. The cards tell about each horse and its family, as well as its special power and a positive message for your child. She's brought her cards outside to play with her friends and they are just as enchanted.

The website is even more exciting for her, and I usually have to pull her away from the many games and activities in the world of "North of the North."

Be sure to check out the site on November 6 for the 10-day celebration and you can open your child up to a whole new world of fun!

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