Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kajeet Cell Phones for Kids

My 11-year-old son Matthew was recently asked by the great moms over at Mom Central to be a Beta tester for Kajeet. Kajeet is an adorable and practical cell phone service for kids.

Matthew got this sweeeeet cell phone, valued at $99.99 for free, along with a $20 gift card for trying out the service. His phone is a Sony Katana and is way nicer than any cell phone I ever owned!

Check out the features:

  • Digital zoom camera phone equipped with unique picture effects
  • Large internal screen (1.3x1.8 inches) delivers sharp, bright and clear images
  • Bluetooth compatible for convenient hands-free talking valued at 99.99

Since this phone is only for us to keep in touch with Matthew when we need to, Kajeet is the perfect service. We trust Matthew to use the phone in the way that we say it should be used, meaning no text messaging, and any ring tones, games etc., must get our approval before being downloaded.

If, however, we wanted more control over the phone, we could easily log into the "configurator" and input all sorts of restrictions and rules. Parents can have the phone only function at certain times of the day/night to ensure homework is being done instead of phone calls being made!

Parents can also set up a list of who is and isn't allowed to call the phone, and who your child can or cannot call. You can also keep a check on account activity to be sure there isn't a running tab on ring tones or wallpaper purchases that you weren't aware of.

Yet the phone is just as kid friendly, with cute characters on the website, and child voices to greet and guide them through applications (such as setting up voicemail).

Matthew LOVES the phone! He's already set up his ringtone ("You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban in honor of his grandfather who passed away in March), purchased two games and called us a few times while he's been out playing.

Check out Kajeet yourself to find out how kid and parent friendly this service is!


Anonymous said...

Wow that really is something. When my kids were little the did not even have anything like that around. It seems like the world is faster moving than way back then.

BlondeBlogger said...

So true, Carolyn!

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