Monday, November 5, 2007

If you're a mom to a humanbaby or a furbaby, you have to check out, an innovative website that helps you find childcare, pet care, tutoring and senior care in your area. It's like for mommies! matches you with a care provider based on your criteria and zip code. And, what I found most comforting is that all providers listed have been screened with background checks, and members can actually see those background checks themselves. That means they have helped screen out unqualified providers for you. References are also provided along with the background checks.

This can be good and bad. Good because I wouldn't want a criminal to take care of my new puppy Sophie, but bad in that there is only one provider listed in my area for pet care. I'd rather have one good provider, though, then dozens of bad ones.

If you're looking to provide any of these services, you can also post a listing through, which will network you with people in your area who are in need of your service.

My favorite section is "My Neighborhood." When you click on this tab, you can quickly find results for providers in each category, with a map showing their location, their age, experience, rates and more.

Here's the best part! has extended an invitation to all of you for a free 3-month trial membership! Just click here to get started!

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