Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Daring Book for Girls - Review

Oh how much fun it is to be a girl! Proof can be found in the fun and exciting new book The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz (who I'm proud to say I know through the excellent group MotherTalk).

Published by Harper Collins, this book is filled with a mix of old-fashioned and modern content that will both fascinate and entertain girls of any age.

The design alone captured my eye. The 50's style makes you feel like you're reading an antique book, but the message for girls is both modern and meaningful (not to mention fun!)

The book is packed with games, stories, activities and more. My whole family (both male and female) kept passing it around, perusing through all of the interesting content.

Girls can learn old-fashioned activities such as making friendship bracelets, daisy chains and lemonade stands, or they can venture into modern fun like karate moves, yoga, changing tires, and how to be a spy.

They'll read stories about women spies as well, and also ancient queens, women leaders and inventors, and more.

While reading the book, I kept saying to myself, "How in the world did they come up with all of this?!" You really cannot believe how much there is to learn until you read the book yourself. Which I highly recommend you do.

It's a perfect gift for any girl and you'll find that anyone who gets their hands on it can't put it down. It also makes a great book to read to your little girl at night (my daughter particularly likes the stories on ancient queens).

This is a must-have for any holiday shopping list! And also be sure to check out the authors' appearance on The Today Show if you need more convincing on how awesome this book is.

The book reminded me how much fun it is to be a girl and that the fun goes beyond frilly, pink and glittery stuff. It dares girls to go beyond stereotypes and challenges them to believe in themselves and have fun while doing it. All in one book. You really can't beat that!


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