Monday, November 5, 2007

Holiday Scavenger Bloghunt Party Entrants

Since entries into the big Holiday Scavenger Bloghunt Party are sent via email, Mom Views, Mums the Wurd and So a Blonde Walks Into a Review have decided to keep a list of entrants here for all to see.

There will also be a page of entrants listed at the contest's headquarters.

This list will be updated as the contest progresses. If you have entered, but do not see your name, please let us know. Also let us know if I have made any errors in your information. Thank you!

As of 11:00 P.M. EST, November 7:

~Aimee from The Fannin's
~Alicia (non-blogger)
~Amanda from Click. The Good News
~Amanda from Amanda
~Andrea from The Laughs Will Go On
~Angela from One Baby, Seven Dogs, and a Mommie and Contests Anonymous - A mom's guide to contests!
~bebemiqui from Young Mom in the Big World
~Brittany (non-blogger)
~Cara (non-blogger)
~Carrie from Life is Like a Mountain Railway
~Christine from Christinx13
~Cindi (non-blogger)
~Crystal from Conversing With Crystal
~Cyndi (non-blogger)
~Donna from Blessings of Love
~Doreen from Doreen's Place
~Ellinghouse from Ellinghouse
~Girl Unexpected from Girl Unexpected
~Heather from With a Little Luck
~Hope (non-blogger)
~Jazen (non-blogger)
~Jean from Working Momma 24/7
~Jenna from Momma Jay
~Jenna from The World of Jenna
~Jennifer from Thoughts From...Jennifer
~Kelly from 4 Kids, 1 Mom~Chaos Thy Name is Home
~Kristie (non-blogger)
~Lace from Keeping My Fingers Crossed
~Li Li from Double Down
~Mama Luxe from Mama Saga.
~Mama Zen from The Zen of Motherhood
~Megan from Nick, Megan and and Chelsea King
~Melanie (non-blogger)
~Miranda (non-blogger)
~Momma to LG from Freitas Family Follies
~Mummy Kwan from Jane of All Trades
~Naomi from superdumb supervillain
~Pickle from My Two Boys
~Qtpies7 from The Good Stuff
~Rebecca from A Not so Desperate Housewife
~Sara (non-blogger)
~Shama-Lama Mama from Shama-Lama Mama
~Shannon from Live For, Love For, Die (Tristan Corey)
~Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing
~Suzanne from God is Good!
~Treasures of Joy from Treasures of Joy
~Tricia (private blog)
~Vicky from MTVMcC

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Stephanie said...

I just entered too! Hooray!

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