Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Bubbles and Doodles

There are two things that are guaranteed to delight my little girl, and that's bubbles and doodles! Thanks to Team Mom, she was able to enjoy both with Kid Kleen's Bath Blizzard and Aquadoodle's Draw 'N Doodle mat.

The Bath Blizzard is a brilliant invention! This isn't your average bubble bath product. With a turn of the dial, a waterfall of bubbles cascades into the bath! I'm talking a TON of fun bubbles.

And the toy is nice and compact so it packs a lot of punch for such a little machine. It easily attaches to the side of the tub with suction cups. Natalie loves hers!

One of Natalie's favorite things to do when she's done with her Bath Blizzard bath is to lay out her Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle mat and make footprints with her wet feet.

The mat is designed so that kids can create doodles with water rather than messy paints or markers. It comes with a reusable Aqua pen that you fill with water. Your kids can draw to their heart's content without any cleanup involved (that's MY kind of fun!)

The drawings (or footprints in Natalie's case) disappear after drying, so there's always a clean slate for your child to make new creations on.

I highly recommend both of these fun toys for those in need of gift ideas for the holidays!

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