Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tear Thief Will Steal Your Heart

I'm fortunate to have children young enough that they still enjoy my reading to them (just don't tell my son's friends that *smile*). Every now and then, we'll happen upon a book that stands out above the that is timeless and will forever be remembered.

The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy, and illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli, is one such book. This 32-page hardcover published by Barefoot Books is filled with magical illustrations and soothing prose.

The Tear Thief collects the tears of children all over the world and keeps them in her special silver sack. There are children who cry over small things with crocodile tears, but the tears of real sadness hold the most worth.

One girl who cries such tears of sadness happens upon the Tear Thief when she catches her reflection in a puddle (the only way to see her). Readers will follow this girl along in her journey with the Tear Thief and will learn just why these tears are collected and what the Tear Thief does with them.

My kids were riveted and now count this book as one of their favorites. Here are a few examples of the whimsical illustrations and the lovely way Duffy tells this story (click to enlarge):

Beautiful, isn't it? Click here for more information and/or to order. Just be prepared to have a tear or two of your own stolen. :)

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