Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Remembering Your Pet - Review and Giveaway

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When my beloved beagle Copper passed away in August, I was beyond devastated. I wanted some way to keep her close to me...close to my heart. I came across Ashes to Ashes Urn Keepsake and Jewelry Company and I knew I'd found what I was looking for.

The company was gracious enough to send me this gorgeous paw print Semper Memoria cross pendent:

Isn't it lovely? It's one of many in their line of paw print keepsake jewelry. Here's the description of the Semper Memoria Cross from their site:

"Our cross design is purposefully designed to resemble both a Latin cross and a crucifix. For most ancient peoples the cross was a metaphor for the four
indestructible elements of creation (air, earth, fire, and water), thus
symbolizing permanence. The crucifix is a symbol of faith and remembrance. The
design of this pendant provides a symbolic gesture for the Latin: Semper Memoria or always remembered."

The most amazing thing about this jewelry is that you can place a small amount of your pet's ashes inside so that you have a part of them with you, close to your heart, at all times. I can't begin to tell you how comforting that is to me.

The jewelry is VERY high quality, too, with intricate detailing and gleaming silver. The back is engravable (Ashes to Ashes does not do the engraving, however), and complete instructions for filling the jewelry are included, as well as all of the supplies that you will need.

It's a very easy process and I now wear my necklace all the time. When I find myself missing Copper, I just rub the cross between my fingers and even give it a little kiss from time to time.

Ashes to Ashes has so much to offer those who have lost a pet, from burial caskets and urns to numerous resources on coping with your loss.

Here are a few other items that caught my eye:

Pet Loss Care Package to comfort someone who has lost their pet. Something like this would've meant a lot to me when we lost Copper. It includes:

  • Celebrating Love Booklet - Experiencing the Loss of a Pet
  • Celebrating a Life - Remembrance Journal
  • Programs: Guidance for a Farewell Memorial Service, & Candlelight Vigil
  • Four vigil candles

I also like their line of wooden pet urns. The cedar urns are lined in satin and have a lock and key. The oak urns hold photos or plaques, and the mausoleum urns can hold a plaque as well.

But take a look at their laser engraved pet urns:

Here is a description from the site:

"With laser and computer equipment we can preserve your favorite pet photo or words of remembrance for an eternity in polished black or white marble. Simply send or email us your favorite photograph (scan to e-mail) and we will reproduce that image onto a marble plaque ideal for in-home or office display in the included oak pet urn. The result is a laser engraved picture with astonishing detail."

What a truly beautiful way to remember your pet.

Ashes to Ashes has generously offered to give away one of their exquisite pieces of jewelery in any style (except gold) to one of you!

Contest details:

Deadline: Enter by 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 31. Any entries after that time will NOT be accepted. Winner will be drawn at random using on Thursday, November 1 and announced that day.

To Enter: Simply link to this post and to Ashes to Ashes. Then, leave a comment here with your link.

Non-bloggers are welcome to enter by emailing three of your friends about this contest and cc'ing me at: ablondeandherblog AT yahoo DOT com.

Remember that if you have won a contest of mine in the past month, you are ineligible to enter. Sorry!

Good luck and happy entering!


Candes said...

You always have such wonderful giveaways! I will be emailing this to 3 of my friends. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I saw this on your site! This would be the perfect gift for my sis this year. I've entered and have it up at My Devilish Side! Hope your family is doing well and good luck to your daughter! My boss just had that surgery 2 months ago and he said its the best thing he has ever done and he wishes he'd done it sooner!

Fogspinner said...

Ok I did it. I checked out the site. We lost not one but two pets this year and need Urns. Thanks for sending me over there... even if I have now spent the morning weeping and sniffling.

BlondeBlogger said...

~Candes- Thank you!

~DG- I bet your sister would love this as a gift. I know I would've. Thanks for your kind words re: my family. I'm hoping that Amanda feels like your boss does soon. Right now, she's dreading about having to go back in three weeks for more "irrigating" in her nose. Yuck!

~Fog- Your post touched my heart. I left a comment for you there.

Pamela said...

Wow... I still have my rotty's ashes in the storage room in a green box. We keep wondering what to do with them.

I've never linked to a giveaway before... I'm considering this one

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful review and giveaway. My link is below and I'm also forwarding to a friend who recently lost his dog. Thank you for finding something to comfort all of us with special friends/family members!

Ron said...

always more an animal person then a people person... I'd have loved to have had any one of these to aid in the lifelong memories of past pets Dandy, Sheriff, Phantom, Phoenix(all collies). With Mercedes(Lhasa) now 11, this is something I can genuinely say thank you for the review! This review & contest will be among tomorrows update at

Deadman said...

Okay, I'm in...

Stephanie said...

Please enter me in this great contest - we lost one of our beloved dogs, and I would love this. THank you

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