Monday, May 12, 2008

Suri Cruise Ladybug Skimbaco Shoes Winner

Congratulations to Cindy who won the Suri Cruise Ladybug shoes giveaway, sponsored by Skimbaco! And thanks to Katja at Skimbaco for sponsoring the awesome giveaway!

Thanks also to everyone who entered and linked. I wish you much luck in future contests!

For a very inspirational story, you must stop by Katja's blog to read her entry on what this experience (Tom Cruise showing and mentioning the shoes from her store on the Oprah show) has done for her.

Katja is one of those selfless, giving people who takes an opportunity and creates something amazing out of it. She has been through so much lately, yet she still remains positive.

Instead of simply basking in the publicity on her own (which she would have every right to do), she instead has decided to create a charity to help other bloggers and mompreneurs garner publicity themselves. She is simply amazing.

Click here to read all about her new venture and if you're in need of a little PR, Katja is your go-to woman. Good luck and congratulations, Katja! You totally rock!

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