Monday, May 5, 2008

Norton 360 - Protection You Can Count On

There are several computers in my home, all networked. And each one has had at least one deadly virus. I lost a laptop not long ago to a virus it couldn't recover from. And my teenage daughter seems to pick up a new virus everyday as she surfs such virus-laden sites like MySpace.

So I was like an eager kid in a classroom raising my hand yelling, "Pick me! Pick me!" when an offer went out from Mom Central to try Symantec's new anti-virus software, Norton 360 vs. 2.0.

This software is the creme de la creme, people! We have not had a virus since installing it. And the installation? Super easy.

Norton 360 vs. 2.0 has all of the protection you've come to expect from Symantec plus added features that make you wonder how you ever got along without it before:

~You can set it up to automatically scan for viruses and backup your files (including photos, MP3's and videos) and it runs while your computer is idle. No more pop-up security screens interrupting you when you're surfing the net!

~There's now "Norton Identity Safe," that protects your passwords and online id' more worrying about hackers obtaining your personal information if you're shopping online or using online banking.

~Convenient automatic form-filling capabilities and one-click log-in to trusted sites and safeguards against phishing sites.

~Registry File Cleanup which optimizes PC performance by removing unneeded files automatically.

~Parental control and anti-spam packs available for download at no extra charge.

The best thing about all of these features? You have the ability to pick and choose which ones you want to utilize and which ones you don't. If you'd rather not have a certain feature run, you simply say so on install (and you can always change your mind later).

And because you can set up your favorite features to run automatically, it's one less thing for busy moms to have to worry about. It's like having a round-the-clock bodyguard protecting your computer. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about losing all of my files to a virus ever again!

You can protect up to 3 computers in one household, another feature that was important to us. We are so impressed with this software and how it has protected us that we won't ever be without it again. There are some things you can skimp on to save money. Security should never be one of them.

Please note: Norton 360 vs. 2.0 is only available for PC computers at this time and will not work for Macs.

For more information on Norton 360 vs. 2.0, including how to purchase, click here.

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