Saturday, May 3, 2008

Win a Spa Trip and Jonas Brothers Tickets

How many mothers reading this have had at least one crazy morning with their child/children? Show of hands please.

All of you? That's what I thought.

Yes, we've all had those mornings. A shoe suddenly goes missing, only to be found chewed up in the dog's mouth. Or your kids decide to tell you that morning that they have nothing left to wear because you haven't done laundry.

The makers of Breakfast BREAKS understand, and that's why they've created quick, easy and nutritious prepackaged breakfasts so that giving your children a proper breakfast is one less thing you have to worry about in the morning.

Now, Breakfast BREAKS has teamed up with Denise Jonas, mom of the hot new band The Jonas Brothers, in search of "Mom's Craziest Morning."

Log on to the Breakfast BREAKS contest page and enter your "craziest morning" story (200 words or less) for a chance to win four tickets to one of the The Jonas Brothers' summer concerts. And as a reward for all those crazy mornings you've spent with your kids, they're also giving moms a "BREAK" by throwing in a $150 Gift Certificate to! (you can choose among 4,000 spas!)

The "In Search of Mom's Craziest Morning" essay contest runs from now until June 15th, and one winner from four regions of the country will be selected. Good luck!

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