Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GO3 Winners and An Important Notice

Note: I have lost my Internet connection and am working from a temporary one for the time being. Thus, posts here will be less frequent until this is fixed. Thanks for your patience. :)

Congratulations to Hazel, mom2gabnnat, and Heather! They have each won a box of children's and adult GO3 Omega 3 Supplements!

Here's what each had to say about staying healthy:

Hazel: "I buy lots of fruit and try to make sure everyone eats enough fiber."

mom2gabnnat: "We have been getting a lot more exercise (especially with the high gas prices) and I have been making sure we eat healthier foods with plenty of fresh produce."

Heather- "I introduce healthy foods to the kids, and avoid buying sugary things (but I'm still working on getting the hubby to stop buying poptarts and ho-hos."

Great tips (and I giggled at the ho-hos). Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to GO3 for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway!

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Anonymous said...

I totally just deleted an email titled GO3, if that was from you, email me again? =d

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